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Board of Directors

Nikhil L. Shah, DO, MPH, President
"From the days of my residency, I have had the desire to create a health and wellness program for men that did not take the form of an executive spa, but delivered concrete information and services to fill the major void in our healthcare delivery system. The goal was to engage men at an earlier age and to have them make healthier lifestyle choices based on solid information. Healthier men model and build stronger families and relationships that can carry on for generations."
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Roger A. Vernier, Chairman
"If wisdom is truly the result of experience, and experience is the result of poor choices, it made good sense to get involved with a program that would help man make better and healthier choices. Having heard from men that too much of what is available with respect to healthcare is either inaccurate or incomplete, I wanted to help develop a program that would provide a comprehensive resource that men could trust and give them better alternatives."
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Debbie Fuse, Executive Director
"As we move Men's Health and Wellness into the next decade, we will continue to push toward our mission of supporting men and their families with education and information to make the best choices to lead a healthy lifestyle. Knowing your numbers is the first step in that process."
Eric Seidel, Board President
"Men need strong health advocates. And they need to be their own strong advocates, as well. Men's Health & Wellness supports and promotes this advocacy. Often, the most aggressive advocate is the woman in a man's life. Our role is to educate each of these advocates on the most effective ways to keep men healthy and living longer. I feel very strongly about this MH&W's role in our effort for all men, including husbands, dads, uncles, brothers, and grandfathers to take care of themselves so that families remain whole longer."
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Ben Carmichael, CPA, Treasurer
"My own experience with healthcare delivery gave me pause to wonder if everyone has the same concerns for what they see as options. I jumped at the opportunity to help build a program that was dedicated to giving men solid contemporary information that offered a more holistic approach to deal with healthcare issues as they age."
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Scott Garret, Secretary
"Due to my own physical complications I became committed to improving my health. When I was introduced to the Men’s Health & Wellness Center I was captured by the need for other men to realize the importance of making that commitment to taking care of themselves. The organization has become an important information source in the community."
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Henry Oat
Henry Oat, Prostate Cancer Support Group Leader
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Shelly Friedman 
Shelly Friedman
"I joined the Community Advisory Board because I'm typical of the audience they seek to serve and it's a great opportunity to help men and their families"
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