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Community Advisory Board

Joseph Blumberg, Chair
"I have always been interested in healthcare, both in my business and personal life; and when offered the opportunity to help men gracefully deal with the aging process, I was hooked."
Read more about Joe

Cathleen Blumberg
“When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, I was struck by the dramatic differences between how men and women handle this information, and I see the MHWC as a vehicle to help people deal with difficult health subjects.”
Read more about Cathleen

Jerry Carnes
"As a prostate cancer survivor, it has become my passion to make sure that men are aware of the risks, and the need for all of us to be aware and active in protecting our health."
Read more about Jerry

Gus Cawley
"The MHWC offers a wonderful  opportunity to bring the full range of my experience to use leading-edge technology and give something of real value back to the community. "
Read more about Gus

Jay Cohen
"I joined the MHWC Advisory Board because the leadership team has developed a compelling mission dedicated to providing objective, substantive information and treatment options specific to men's health issues."
Read more about Jay

Shelly Friedman
"I joined the Community Advisory Board because I'm typical of the audience they seek to serve and it's a great opportunity to help men and their families."
Read more about Shelly

Lee Kantor
"I got involved with the MHWC Advisory Board because I thought it was important to have the voice of a man in his forties who had not personally gone through some of the health issues that a lot of the founding members went through."
Read more about Lee

Paula Lindabury
"MHWC involvement allows me to further support MY healthy man and all the men out there who are looking for resources to improve the quality of their health and their lifestyles."
Read more about Paula

Stephen Lindabury
"I saw the MHWC project as an opportunity to help others make informed decisions on their personal health and lifestyle."
Read more about Stephen

Terry Morris
“I have been fortunate to have had a close community of friends who were both qualified and available to me on several occasions when their counsel was called upon to assist me in making good medical choices, prostate cancer being one example.  It is my hope that the Men’s Health & Wellness Center will be not only a comprehensive resource in men’s proactive health care, but able to fill the role of friendly advisor for men in need as they face serious illness.”
Read more about Terry

Larry Patrick
"I became involved with the MHWC because I believe in the mission and understand the tremendous implications of its success to all of society."
Read more about Larry

Roger A. Vernier
"If wisdom is truly the result of experience, and experience is the result of poor choices, it made good sense to get involved with a program that would help man make better and healthier choices.  Having heard from men that too much of what is available with respect to healthcare is either inaccurate or incomplete, I wanted to help develop a program that would provide a comprehensive resource that men could trust and give them better alternatives."
Read more about Roger

Lt. Col. Robert Waldman
"The MHWC was attractive to me because of its nature as a start up organization and because it had a unique mission to make a difference in men’s lives."
Read more about Robert

Thomas Walters
" I joined the MHWC Advisory Board because of my passion and commitment to the education and dissemination of men’s health issues."
Read more about Thomas

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