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RSS is a way to tell your favorite websites to let you know when they have new content. RSS also allows you to access this content on your own timetable. RSS does not clog up your email.

First, you pick an RSS Feed Reader. A couple of free and easy to use ones are Google Reader and Bloglines.

Second, when you see an RSS icon, click it. The page that comes up will give you everything you need to enable the content you want to come to you.

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The Men’s Health & Wellness Center (MHWC) was founded in 2007 to serve the education and support the needs of men as they face the health issues associated with the aging process. Men are traditionally stoic, and frequently reluctant to engage the medical community or to discuss issues of health with other men until there is a medical event that is often a crisis.  Further, men are often willing participants in athletic and competitive activity without the necessary components of a healthy lifestyle that can support those activities and maximize their performance.

The original design of the MHWC was to provide a series of programs to help build communication and positive lifestyle choices for men. We built it, and they did not come. Within six months, we changed our direction and decided to build a virtual center with a comprehensive Website in order to allow men everywhere to access health and lifestyle information and participate in a sharing experience that will encourage men to take responsibility for their health, engage the medical community in preventive healthcare, and to adopt lifestyles that will improve their quality of life, regardless of their age.

This interactive Website is not the culmination of our strategic efforts, but the starting point for men to learn about men’s health and to share their experiences. To our knowledge there is no other comparable resource totally dedicated to men, and the physicians that serve them. 

In addition to our Website, we offer a series of health expositions, counseling and support groups that are a manifestation of our educational efforts. We understand that we cannot read our way to a healthier mind and body, and we cannot yet change our DNA. To live life to the fullest, we must commit to the lifestyle changes that support better health, and the mission of the MHWC is to facilitate that process.

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