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Medical Advisory Board

Eugene Davidson, MD, Chair
"I joined the MHWC because I passionately believe that we will not have better health care nor control costs unless we get the population to buy into wellness as a way of life."

Kenneth Anderson, MD
"Many, if not most, of my patient population are men and they generally do not deal well with the aging process.  I feel that the Men's Health and Wellness Center can reach men and help them through some difficult times."
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Vasily Assikis, MD
"As an oncologist, I wonder daily, how many men could have been spared the dreadful diagnosis of cancer had they known more about it.  I see men at a most difficult time in their lives, with advanced prostate cancer, and I understand how a program like the MHWC can give them the education and support that can help prevent this disease and really improve the quality of their lives."
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Amol Bapat, MD
"Men who suffer a cardiac event often express great concern for many of their practices that have led to that event, but that concern soon dissipates as their health improves.  I see the MHWC as a vehicle to keep men focused on health and wellness issues and extend life."
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Robert Blasberg, MD
"I joined the Medical Advisory Board because it is a way to reach a community of men and provide the guidance to help them avoid disease and minimize the effects of issues that are brought on by the natural aging process."
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Paul D Boyce, MD
"The MHWC provides an opportunity for men, who are traditionally not well tuned to their medical condition, to learn more about their numbers and their risks, and therefore avoid potential health issues; or identify them early enough to minimize their effects."
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George W Daneker, MD
"I find that the greatest void in healthcare today is education and the MHWC helps fill that gap.  We have the potential to prevent a lot of what is now treated after an adverse diagnosis."

Lonnie Herzog, MD
"Much of my practice is treating the stoic men we talk about. The Men's Health and Wellness Center can teach men how to be better patients and that makes my job of keeping them healthy much easier."
Read more about Dr. Herzog

David Lowther, MD
"I wanted to be a part of the MHWC because it addresses the gender-specific needs of men, who, believe it or not, are an underserved class and do not get the same attention given to women and children."

Basil Margolis, MD
"For many years I treated men who once thought themselves invincible, and now are faced with conditions that will alter how they live the rest of their lives. The MHWC can help make the remaining years far more fulfilling."
Read more about Dr. Margolis

Diamondis Papadopoulos, MD
"When a patient asked me to join the MHWC, I realized how I could help educate and influence men to take better care of themselves and avoid life threatening medical issues."
Read more about Dr. Papadopoulos

Barry Patel, Pharm.D.
"I have always been a proponent of holistic choices in medical care.  The MHWC shares that agenda and their platform gives me a chance to bring holistic options to the medical community, especially to men who may not consider options."
Read more about Dr. Patel

Byron Rosenstein, MD
"Having treated men for many years who have suffered sports injuries, or have repeatedly damaged joints and limbs, I saw the MHWC as one way to educate men and support their desire to maintain an active lifestyle regardless of their age."
Read more about Dr. Rosenstein

Nikhil L Shah, DO, MPH
"From the days of my residency, I have had the desire to create a health and wellness program for men that did not take the form of an executive spa, but delivered concrete information and services to fill the major void in our healthcare delivery system. The goal was to engage men at an earlier age and to have them make healthier lifestyle choices based on solid information. Healthier men model and build stronger families and relationships that can carry on for generations."
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David Weinstein, MD
"There is a great deal of publicity about the dangers of colon cancer, but there are many other ailments that can be debilitating if not treated. I saw The Men's Health and Wellness Center helping men understand that irritations and pain need not be a part of life if identified and properly treated."
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Nancy Wiggers, MD
"Men are typically not the best patients. They don't necessarily ask questions or talk about what they are experiencing. I believe the MHWC can give men the knowledge to be proactive with their healthcare providers and thus receive better treatment."
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Seth Yellin, MD
"Plastic surgery is often thought to be something for women. Today, the competitive male is taking a hard look at surgical options to aid the aging process and the MHWC is a resource to make them aware of options, so they can make more informed decisions."
Read more about Dr. Yellin

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