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First, you pick an RSS Feed Reader. A couple of free and easy to use ones are Google Reader and Bloglines.

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Events & Services

Scheduled Events are occasions suchasour annual run4DAD certified run/walk to raise money for the fight against prostate cancer. Other events include our annual moMENtum Gala where we celebrate men and their partners who've made a commitment to healthy living.

Click here to view our upcoming scheduled events.

Our Classes include Eating Well - Living Well workshops and Eating2Live presentations. Participate with local chefs to learn how to cook great tasting healthy meals at home, even on a budget, and how to order in a restaurant to get maximum nutrition while controlling your intake of fats and carbohydrates. Sign up as a MHW member and receive e-mail announcements of these workshops, or sign up through the RSS Feed and receive announcements sent to your reader. Click here to view our upcoming scheduled classes.

Our  Support Groups provide peer support for men (and their partners) who are facing, or have faced, health challenges. Sign up as a MHW member and receive e-mail notifications of our support groups, or sign up through the RSS Feed and receive announcements sent to your reader. Click here to view our Support Groups Overview.

We also offer Support Services in the areas of Nutrition Counseling, Exercise Counseling, and Supplement Evaluation. These services are fee based. Contact Us for more information or to set an appointment. Click here to view our Support Services Overview.

Utilizing the physicians of the Medical Advisory Board and patients with relevant health experiences, the Men's Health and Wellness  Speakers Bureau is available to address employee groups, public gatherings, healthcare ministries, conferences and social networking groups. More than 20 presentations are available. Contact Us to schedule a subject and speaker for your group or event. 

The Lunch and Learn program makes members of our Speakers Bureau available to visit your business or social networking group. Contact us to learn more about scheduling Lunch and Learn sessions.




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