What is RSS

RSS is a way to tell your favorite websites to let you know when they have new content. RSS also allows you to access this content on your own timetable. RSS does not clog up your email.

First, you pick an RSS Feed Reader. A couple of free and easy to use ones are Google Reader and Bloglines.

Second, when you see an RSS icon, click it. The page that comes up will give you everything you need to enable the content you want to come to you.

For a simple and quick video description of how RSS works, view the video at the bottom of this page.

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Personal Health Magazine
By: Jane E. Brody
March 1, 2010
Personal Health magazine publishes the latest in a series of studies that prove what we all know...exercise is healthy. Complete article
By: American Academy of Neurology
November 23, 2009
Moderate-to-high intensity exercise such as jogging, swimming or tennis may help reduce stroke risk in older men. Complete article
By: John's Hopkins Medical Center
December 17, 2009
Few people join clinical trial because of confusion over what is covered and how the test will be run.  Familiarity with the descriptive terms helps us understand the process. Complete article
By: Dr Marshall Nash
October 29, 2010
Full interview of Dr Nash's talk on Dementia, includes background information, answers to listeners' questions, and resources for further information. Complete podcast
By: Dr Marshall Nash
October 29, 2010
Dr Nash introduces a major health concern among men: what dementia is, how it develops, signs and symptoms, current research and medical progress, and prevention strategies. Complete podcast
By: Dr Marshall Nash
October 29, 2010
Dr Nash talks about the ApoE test, how your risks are impacted if Alzheimer's is in your family history, and lifestyle behaviors you can adopt to decrease your risk. Complete podcast
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