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RSS is a way to tell your favorite websites to let you know when they have new content. RSS also allows you to access this content on your own timetable. RSS does not clog up your email.

First, you pick an RSS Feed Reader. A couple of free and easy to use ones are Google Reader and Bloglines.

Second, when you see an RSS icon, click it. The page that comes up will give you everything you need to enable the content you want to come to you.

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Quality of Life (Aftercare)
By: John's Hopkins Medical Center
January 21, 2010
  When you hear that you have a serious medical condition like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), it's normal to feel anxious and worried about the future. And with the increasing limitations on daily activities that often accompany the condition, it's not surprising that you're likely to feel sad. But if these feelings last for more than a few weeks and interfere with your daily life, you could have an anxiety disorder or depression. Complete article
By: Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2009
Sleep Apnea is a precurser to other serious health issues and should be identified and treated. Complete article
Become aware of potential risks related to taking medication.
By: Barry Patel, Pharm. D.
January 20, 2009
Each year approximately 700,000 Americans make a trip to the hospital emergency room because of bad drug reactions. Learn guidelines to safely taking medications. Complete article
By: Paul Boyce, MD, PHP, FCCP
July 22, 2009
Paul Boyce, MD, answers concerns about the effect of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) on sexual activity. Complete podcast
By: Paul Boyce, MD
July 22, 2009
Paul Boyce, MD, discusses therapies and lifestyle changes that can improve the quality of life for those with COPD. Complete podcast
By: Paul Boyce, MD
July 22, 2009
Men's Health Radio complete show with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) expert Paul Boyce, MD, who recieved his board certification at Harvard. COPD and other lung diseases are discussed in depth and questions are taken from the radio audience. Complete podcast
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