What is RSS

RSS is a way to tell your favorite websites to let you know when they have new content. RSS also allows you to access this content on your own timetable. RSS does not clog up your email.

First, you pick an RSS Feed Reader. A couple of free and easy to use ones are Google Reader and Bloglines.

Second, when you see an RSS icon, click it. The page that comes up will give you everything you need to enable the content you want to come to you.

For a simple and quick video description of how RSS works, view the video at the bottom of this page.

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Prevention & Early Diagnosis
Personal Health Magazine
By: Jane E. Brody
March 1, 2010
Personal Health magazine publishes the latest in a series of studies that prove what we all know...exercise is healthy. Complete article
By: Rachel Rettner of Life Sciences
January 12, 2010
New study finds that running in even the newest running shoes may be causing joint strain. Complete article
July 21, 2009
There are nine strength exercises that are a waste of time, or worse yet could hurt you. Find out alternatives that will produce results. Complete article
By: Raymond Margiano, PhD
October 29, 2010
Ray Margiano, PhD, provides his Website for comprehensive foot care information. Complete podcast
By: Byron Rosenstein, MD
June 14, 2010
Byron Rosenstein, MD, discusses the tendonitis issues often called tennis elbow or golfer's elbow. Complete podcast
By: Byron Rosenstein, MD
June 14, 2010
Byron Rosenstein, MD, offers a single bit of advice to people dealing with tennis elbow or tendonitis. Complete podcast
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