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Prevention & Early Diagnosis
By: Johns Hopkins University
March 10, 2010
Research suggests that being overweight may not increase your risk of developing prostate cancer. But obese men who do develop the prostate cancer tend to have more aggressive, higher-grade cancers at the time of diagnosis and a greater risk of dying. Complete article
By: John's Hopkins Medical Center
February 2, 2010
Can an active lifestyle protect a man from prostate cancer? Research reported in the journal Cancer Causes and Control (Volume 19, page 107) suggests that it might ... Complete article
July 23, 2009
Vitamin D is offering a ray of hope for men diagnosed with prostate cancer. Research suggests that vitamin D in sufficient levels reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer and may help suppress the growth and spread of prostate cancer cells in men who already have it. Learn easy ways to increase vitamin D.
Complete article
By: Robert Smith, PhD
March 1, 2010
Robert Smith, PhD, Director of Screening Guidelines for the American Cancer Society (ACS) discusses the current cancer screening guidelines. Complete podcast
By: Robert Smith, PhD
March 1, 2010
Robert Smith, PhD, provides a single thought to help people become comforatable with cancer screening guidelines. Complete podcast
By: Robert Smith, PhD
March 1, 2010
Robert Smith, PhD, provides a resource to check out the currect cancer screening guidelines of the ACS. Complete podcast
By: Cancer Treatment Centers of America
One in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. And yet, many men skip regular screenings, even though it is the one step that may help catch the disease early, when it has better outcomes and treatment options. Former NFL head coaches Bill Cowher, Dick Vermeil and Herm Edwards talk about the importance of routine testing and urge men to see their doctor. They also share personal stories about how their lives have been touched by cancer. Their message: Get screened. Complete video
November 26, 2013
Joe Blumberg, executive director of Mens Health and Wellness Center, sits down with  WATC's  Friends & Neighbors co-hosts, Kelly Ingram and  Donna Ritchie, to discuss the importance of prostate cancer awareness. 13:36 minutes Complete video
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